Arrow Company History

Arrow Striping and Manufacturing, Inc. was established in 1993 through the collaborative efforts of the Stark and Heinzeroth families of Billings, Montana. The company's initial endeavors were focused on pavement striping and removal services within Montana and the surrounding area. Drawing upon their own hands-on experiences, the founders began to construct their own equipment, including an ingenious utilization of an old beer keg to fashion their first striper.

As a response to increasing customer demand, the company's focus shifted in 2016 to exclusively concentrate on the design and production of pavement marking application and removal equipment, however, their commitment to serving both customers and staff remained steady.

In 2023, Arrow Striping and Manufacturing, Inc. was acquired by EZ Liner, a move aimed at broadening the product lines between the two companies to better serve their customer base and to help further EZ Liner's vision to advance public safety with integrity and excellence. Presently, the company operates under the name Arrow Striping Equipment, Inc., with Rob Meindinger holding the position of General Manager and Steve Roesner serving as the Chief Executive Officer.