RPM Truck

Designed for efficiency and ease of use, our RPM truck saves time and money every time it hits the road.


specifications are subject to change.


  • Isuzu FE204; NPR HD Gas Reg
  • 14.500 pound GVWR
  • 132.5 inch wheel base
  • 170 amp alternator
  • 38.6 gallon fuel tank
  • GMP-T-V8 Gas engine, 6 liter, 8 cylinder, 350 HP and 425  lb/ft of torque
  • Model 6L90-E Hydra-Matic transmission
  • 225/70R 19.5G tires with steel wheels, and back-up alarm


  • Smooth aluminum with grip material strips
  • 96"x151" deck
  • 8" risers to provide room for the suspension
  • (2) operator baskets mounted in front of the rear tires
  • Basket is no greater than 6" from the pavement during operation, providing EZ application
  • Baskets adjustable depending on need
  • Swing gates hinged out away from the deck
  • Powder coat color decided by customer
  • (2) 18"x18"x24" toolbox mounted on rear

Positive Displacement Pump

  • Adjustable output up to 13 cubic inches per stroke
  • Shot size adjustment with mechanical stroke limiter for simplicity and ease of service

Bituminous Supply System

  • Capable of heating up to 500lbs of bituminous material, air jacketed melter
  • Welded steel melting tank
  • Melting tank has a hinged 12"x8.5" loading hatch with a total open area of 102 square inches
  • Lid is designed to close away from operator with locking pin
  • Melting kettle requires an agitator with the bypass always "ON" which prevents scorching of the material
  • The tank is LP fired using and impinged jet-type burner with an output of 150,000 BTU/hr


  • Melter kettle comes equipped with a continuous, full sweep hydraulic agitation system to prevent filler from falling out of suspension, and to speed the melting rate of the material

Heated Output Hose

  • 10 foot hose with an applicator pistol
  • A type "J" thermocouple-type temperature sensor is attached to the stainless-steel over-braid
  • (1) Duck bill applicator

Air Compressor/Auxiliary Engine

  • Kawasaki air-cooled, four cycle, single cylinder engine
  • 18 HP at 3,600 RPM
  • Propane operation with 100lb propane tank
  • High efficiency air-cooling fan
  • 14-20 CFM air compressor

Hydraulic System

  • .66 displacement rotary piston hydraulic pump; belt driven
  • 8-12 gallon oil reservoir
  • By-pass ball valve for easy auxiliary engine
  • Oil cooler 12 VDC assembly
  • Bituminous pump

Electrical System

  • The melter applicator has digital electronic temperature controllers that will automatically regulate the material temperature and the hose temperature
  • The material thermostat controls burner ignition automatically up to 450 deg. F
  • Pumps are controlled by a 12-volt DC, 4-way electrically operated hydraulic valve

Arrow Board

  • National Signal 25 LED lamp 3 foot by 6 foot actuated arrow board with controller in chassis cab

Intercom System

  • David Clark Model U3800 three station with one H3492 single earpiece headset & one Model H3432 dual earpiece headset
  • Three headset storage hooks

Safety Light System

  • Two Whelen Model L41AP amber LED 360-degree strobes on front of deck
  • Two Whelen Model 70A02FAR amber directional light heads on rear deck
  • One Whelen Model LINV2A mini amber LED 180-degree strobes on baskets, one per basket

LED Work Light System

  • Six Hella 2,000 lumen LED work lights