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Electrical Tech (Billings, MT)

Electrical technicians help create and/or install the electronic components and equipment used in any equipment or device that involves electricity 

•    Install electromechanical and electronic parts of machinery and equipment
•    Test solid-state circuitry to determine defective components in analog and digital equipment along with defective parts replacement.
•    Install improvements and major upgrades to electrical equipment
•    Repair and replace defective components in motors, generators, controllers, storage batteries, switchboards, conductors, switches and varied electrical fixtures.
•    Read and interpret blueprints, schematics and wiring diagrams
•    Plan and prepare work orders or instructions utilizing blueprints, sketches and drawings
•    Ensure accurate and apt completion of all protective maintenance duties

•    Good mechanical aptitude
•    Ability to follow basic instructions product assembly flow diagrams and blueprints
•    Strong attention to detail
•    Self-motivated
•    Common sense on decision making
•    Capable of lifting 50 lbs. or more

•    High school diploma or equivalent required, degree in electrical engineering preferred
•    Experience working as a technician
•    Experience reading blueprints and technical drawings
•    Experience fabricating, assembling and installing wiring harnesses
•    Experience installing electrical panels
•    Experience with troubleshooting a variety of systems
•    Requires walking, sitting or standing for extended periods of time

Welding & Manufacturing Tech (Billings, MT)

Performs a full range of fitting, assembly, and welding operations to construct a wide variety of weldments, sub-assemblies, and machine units in striping equipment production. May perform any other duties assigned as part of working in a shop environment, such as: powder, paint, wiring, sanding, finishing, etc.

•    Utilizes all hand tools and grinders.
•    Set-up and use an oxygen/acetylene torch for cutting purposes.
•    Position, align, fit, preheat workpieces and weld parts together accurately.
•    Verifies conformance of work pieces to specification.
•    Fabricate and assembles sheet metal products. 
•    Bolts, clamps, and tack-welds parts to a secure position for welding.
•    Repairs products by dismantling, straightening, reshaping, and reassembling parts.
•    Lays out, positions, aligns, and fits components together.
•    Positions and clamps together components of fabricated metal products in preparation to welding.
•    Works from complex instructions, drawings, specs, and blueprints.
•    Uses primarily MIG and TIG welders.
•    Select type and size of rods and flux, heat range, temperature settings.
•    May perform mechanical/hydraulic/electrical assembly and installation.
•    May weld and assemble paint plumbing assemblies as needed

•    Good communication and team interaction skills 
•    Mechanically-minded 
•    Enjoy electrical and mechanical troubleshooting
•    Capable of multi-tasking

•    1+ year of machining experience
•    Hands-on experience with saws, benders, and milling machines, mechanical assembly, and striping 
•    2+ years of experience in MIG and TIG welding

Contract Marking Crew Member (Orange City, IA)

Responsible for operating paint striping equipment and installing pavement markings on road and highways according to specifications and other various requirements. 

•    Perform basic equipment repairs and maintenance
•    Perform traffic control, as needed, using safe practices
•    Navigate between job sites
•    Operate striping equipment properly
•    Load and unload materials
•    Drive company trucks to transport materials and equipment to job sites
•    Perform all duties as assigned

•    Flexible and willing to work paid overtime, days with travel Monday-Friday and occasional weekends
•    Honest, trustworthy and a team player
•    Punctual. Must arrive at work by the designated start time
•    Self-disciplined and dependable
•    Ability to perform under time constraints
•    Desire to learn, train and certify in multiple areas of the industry
•    Aptitude and ability to learn through on-the-job training
•    Safety first mentality

•    Minimum age of 18 years old
•    Must have a valid Driver’s License, CDL preferred with airbrake endorsement but not required
•    Must have a good driving record with no major violations
•    Typical physical demands of this job include sitting, standing, walking, climbing, reaching, lifting minimum of 50 lbs., carrying, pushing, pulling, dexterity of hands and fingers and communicating with team members to perform various tasks
•    Working outdoors with variable temperature and weather conditions
•    Must be willing and able to comply with workplace safety guidelines

Mechanical Support & Warehouse Specialist (Orange City/Hull, IA)

This individual will serve as Warehouse support of the Orange City facility as outlined below (approximately 50% of time). This individual will also assist with mechanical support roles in both the Orange City and Hull facilities as outlined below (approximately 50% of time). This will result in the highest quality equipment, parts, components and contracted goods will be delivered to contribute to the day-to-day functioning of all the EZ Liner manufacturing facilities.  


•    Maintain a positive desire to serve others and help everyone succeed.
•    Recommend and implement mechanical, safety and layout improvements. This will include establishing and oversight of a Preventative Maintenance Program to be performed by operators and overseen by this position.
•    Responsible serving both facilities including, but not limited to, 
     o    Technical support and troubleshooting mechanical issues at any stage 
     o    Completing Preventative Maintenance
     o    Adding to Preventative Maintenance any items that need addressed
•    Responsible for serving in Warehouse
     o    Completing Parts Orders (hoses, assemblies, etc.) in a very swift manner to achieve the 
fastest order-to-shipment turnaround possible (<24hrs)
     o    Packing trucks after Final Testing and Prior to Shipment
               Creating crates/boxes for parts to ship on trucks
               Accurate packing of list of items to ship with trucks
               Assist with loading out trucks for shipment
    o    Assist with maintaining stock of hardware (nuts, bolts, etc.) on the OC Production floor.
    o    Assist with shipping & receiving in warehouse when needed.
•    Technical support troubleshooting mechanical issues on the production floor, including hands on assembly work, as required and making recommendations for engineering improvements to assemblies to increase efficiencies increase product quality, and reduce maintenance and repairs. 
•    Always seeking improvements to the processes.
•    Other duties as assigned.

•    Positive Attitude toward job, coworkers and departments
•    Excellent communication and team interaction skills
•    Working knowledge of traffic paint striping equipment
•    High level of mechanical skills 
•    Ability to read and interpret prints
•    Ability to inspect according to requirements using measuring tools, visual inspection, mechanical inspection, etc
•    Good communication skills and leadership capabilities
•    Strong organizational Skills
•    Dependable and motivated

•    Experience, training and history of working with striping equipment.
•    Strong Mechanical background
•    Experience in electronical troubleshooting, maintenance, mechanical repairs, manufacturing, 
assembly, and fabrication preferred 
•    Ability to sit, stand, or walk for extended periods of time. 
•    Able to lift 50 lbs.
•    Attitude of a Servant toward others



  1. Email a resumé to:
  2. Send a resumé to:
      Vogel Traffic Services
      ATTN: Human Resources Manager
      PO Box 440
     Orange City, IA 51041
  3. Download an application here (Orange City, IA) or here (Billings, MT)