Training and Consultation

EZ Liner offers operator training or re-training for all EZ Liner striping equipment. These training courses are designed to give operators the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to operate EZ Liner striping equipment. Not only does proper training allow the operators to be more efficient and safer, it also helps prolong the life of the striping equipment. Contact us for more information on training.

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Training Options


Whether a team has new operators or haven't used the striping equipment in a while, the retraining program combines a refresh on the equipment's features and function along with some hands-on training opportunities.


Safety is a critical part of the EZ Liner training program. The highest priority is that the equipment is being operated safely by ensuring understanding of all safety features of the equipment. This provides peace of mind to any company and team.

Hands On

Gives operators the chance to get comfortable with the equipment while having someone readily available to answer questions and help make adjustments to benefit the operators and team.

Equipment Features/Functions

 Our training specialist will cover all the features and functions unique to each piece of equipment or focus on specific items determined by the customers.


Annual Calibrations

The equipment services team will complete annual calibrations on paint, bead, and timer systems.These calibrations are necessary to monitor that equipment is operating optimally and accurately all season long.


An evaluation of equipment state will provide data to support maintenance critical to prolonging the life and usability of equipment. From pumps, guns, fluids, or year-end clean out, the equipment services team will walk-through the in's and outs of maintenance needs, preventative and annual.


Allows focus to be on opportunities to improve operation of equipment to promote efficiencies and growth for a specific team or company. One size definitely does not fit all, which is why the custom training program can offer a combination of hands-on and virtual options with a variety of topics covered.

Striping Certification Program

 New program offering that allows operators to take an intense, all encompassing class on proficient striping techniques. This program is a combination of hands-on and classroom work concluding with a certification test.