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EZ Liner and Arrow Striping Join Forces with RoadPrintz to introduce a Revolutionary Robotic Pavement Marking Solution

Orange City, Iowa -- RoadPrintz Inc. and EZ Liner-Arrow are pleased to announce their partnership, including the introduction of their revolutionary operator-driven,
truck-mounted, mobile robotic pavement marking solution. This innovation is set to transform the pavement marking industry by replacing the dangerous and inefficient century-old practice of hand stenciling with a safer and more efficient approach.

RoadPrintz Inc. and EZ Liner-Arrow share the goal of increasing worker safety and operational efficiency in the pavement marking industry. The stencil-free legend painting and transverse markings of this innovation keep boots off the ground and road crews safely inside the vehicle.

Sam Bell, a member of his community's Traffic Advisory Council, noted the outdated, expensive, and dangerous process of road marking. In partnership with Wyatt Newman, a robotics professor at Case Western Reserve University, Bell discussed the potential of using robots for road painting. Combining Bell's knowledge of automotive systems with Newman's expertise in robotics software, they co-founded RoadPrintz in 2018. In 2022, RoadPrintz introduced "Electra," a patented robotic system built on a Ford-550 super-duty chassis. This system can safely and precisely mark various road elements like intersections, crosswalks, bike lanes, etc.

Excited to join forces, RoadPrintz combines their cutting-edge technology with EZ Liner-Arrow's extensive experience in the road marking industry. Together, they offer an innovative solution, merging technology and reliable manufacturing for the market. The partnership stems from a shared vision of integrating RoadPrintz's technology with EZ Liner-Arrow's market knowledge and service excellence. EZ Liner-Arrow, recognized as a top-tier manufacturing and sales partner, strengthens RoadPrintz's entry into the market.

RoadPrintz expresses gratitude for the support received from the National Science Foundation, which played a crucial role in the development of the technology underlying this revolutionary robotic pavement marking system. Additionally, they extend appreciation to the Ohio Development Department, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), and the Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise for their support and collaboration in bringing this cutting-edge technology to fruition.

The collaborative efforts of RoadPrintz Inc. and EZ Liner-Arrow signify a significant leap forward in the pavement marking industry, aligning with their commitment to advancing public safety with integrity and operational excellence. They aim to achieve this mission by introducing a revolutionary technology that simplifies and skillfully provides public safety equipment, materials, and services, making work easier for professionals in the field.

For more information about this partnership and its range of premium pavement marking equipment, please visit

Media Contact:
Brett Mulder
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
(712) 548-7552

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Arrow Unveils a Bold New Identity: Rugged, Road-Tested, and Purpose-Built

Orange City, Iowa -- Arrow, a leading manufacturer of pavement marking equipment, is thrilled to announce a brand refresh that captures its unwavering commitment to excellence. The company, well-known for its premium, high-performance surface prep and striping equipment, is excited to introduce its updated corporate identity – a new logo that speaks to Arrow's dedication to meeting unique needs and performance requirements in the pavement marking industry.

The Arrow promise, "Rugged. Road-Tested. Purpose-Built," has been the cornerstone of the company for years, and it has driven them to consistently deliver innovative and top-tier solutions to its customers. This rebranding effort symbolizes its ongoing commitment to this promise and sets the stage for an even brighter future.
While the looped A and gold arrowhead will remain a signature of the brand, the new logo is a contemporary, dynamic representation of the brand's strength and innovation.
It features bold, clean lines and a refined color palette that reflects Arrow's products. The four-pointed arrow represents the company's customized industry solutions. Overall, updating the font and adjusting for readability create deeper brand unity with Arrow's partner, EZ Liner.

The rebrand reinforces Arrow's commitment to its customers. Every product they offer is custom-designed and manufactured to meet unique needs, ensuring its clients receive the best solutions for their pavement marking needs. Arrow remains at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry, and this rebrand is a testament to its dedication to innovation and quality.
Steve Roesner, Chief Executive Officer, said, "Arrow has been a trusted customer manufacturer for over thirty years. With the previous owners’ endorsement, we want to build upon this foundation of rugged, road-tested, purpose-built through our brand refresh." This brand refresh represents Arrow's dedication to its customers, partners, and stakeholders. Building on its history of dedicated service, they look toward a future of continuing the legacy of providing top-tier, road-tested, and purpose-built equipment.

For more information about Arrow and its range of premium pavement marking
equipment, please visit   

Media Contact:
Brett Mulder
Vice President of Sales and Marketing 
(712) 548-7552 


EZ Liner Acquires Arrow Striping and Manufacturing

ORANGE CITY, IA -- EZ Liner, a manufacturer of pavement striping equipment, has acquired Arrow Striping & Manufacturing, another manufacturer of performance-engineered pavement marking, surface prep, and removal equipment.

The official announcement was made in Orange City, Iowa, and Billings, Montana on Wednesday, February 1, 2023. The market continues to desire more long-lasting and durable road markings for the safety of those driving and with increased use of driver-assisted vehicle technology.  Road worker safety is also significantly improved by reducing the number of times a road surface requires striping or restriping.  The move to acquire Arrow Striping & Manufacturing first started as EZ Liner looked to expand to a more complete line of reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-maintain equipment and become a one-stop supplier for customers needing a broader mix of products.

“Steve and Kymm Stark and Mark and Natalie Heinzeroth, like us, built the company where the rubber meets the pavement, striping on highways and roads.  We are thrilled to mark a new era of providing road striping and maintenance equipment that will provide a unique blend of responsive service with rugged, road-tested equipment that allows customers an industry-leading value,” says Steve Roesner, President of EZ Liner. “Combining the oldest continuously operating equipment manufacturer in EZ Liner with Arrow’s foundations of old-fashioned ingenuity, robustness, and advanced technology, we believe, will make it easy for the industry and stripers throughout North America.”

The acquisition of Arrow Striping & Manufacturing fits into EZ Liner’s strategy to offer a full line of equipment for pavement marking, surface preparation and removal, along with parts, service, used equipment, and training.

This partnership will enable EZ Liner to continue to support its mission of providing public safety equipment, materials, and service to make life easier. They are dedicated to providing world-class service, integrity, and reliability throughout the lifetime of their products. Together, they look forward to serving all current and new customers as they join forces to incorporate the best features of both companies and product lines.

About EZ Liner
EZ Liner, a brand of Vogel Traffic Services, has been setting the standard for quality pavement markings since the 1960s. With that storied experience and knowledge, EZ Liner builds some of the most dependable, innovative, and hardworking striping equipment available.

About Arrow
Arrow produces performance-engineered pavement marking, surface prep, and removal grinders, saws, grooving and pavement marker palletized and truck-mounted equipment. Customers depend on Arrow's competitively priced, contractor-tough equipment, designed for dependable daily use and longevity.

Media Contact:
Brett Mulder
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
(712) 548-7552



EZ Liner saw a need for a standard line of equipment

EZ Liner has been producing pavement marking equipment since 1961. When truck customers initially voiced a need for immediate availability in the mid 1980’s through the year 2000, EZ Liner would often resolve to sell in-stock truck inventory from its own contract marking division.  Over time, EZ Liner recognized there was a need growing in the industry to produce a standard line of equipment with quick availability and responded with a limited supply of two variations of airless “spec” trucks based on common sense and frequently requested designs, in stock and available on a first-come, first-served basis. The need for immediate availability has grown even more in recent years, thus our ValuLiner series was born.

The ValuLiner series aims to offer a range of equipment that provides value, performance, and is EZ to use.  We strive to have each member of the series available in 90 days or less to meet your striping needs.

The ValuLiner series started with great success in 2017 with the Cascade, a 110-gal capacity truck. The Cascade was quickly followed in 2018 by the Teton, a 500-gal capacity truck and the WindRunner, a 110-gal capacity palletized unit. The fourth member of the ValuLiner series, the TrailRunner, joined in 2019. The TrailRunner is a 110-gal capacity single-operator self-propelled unit.

When it comes down to cost of ownership and ease of use, the ValuLiner series stands alone. At EZ Liner, our priority is building a high-quality product that is built to work as hard as you can.


Welcome to the Family

In 2021 we are excited to welcome the newest member to the ValuLiner series, the Arapahoe. It is a midsize truck in our series with a 230-gal capacity. The Arapahoe design was based on proven custom truck designs and customer input. Our team spent the time independently researching and advising with industry leaders and customers to determine what this truck needs. So, you can be assured that the Arapahoe provides you the most truck you can get in the market for the price and availability.

The Arapahoe offers a unique combination of custom design elements with the benefits of our Valuliner series, which is availability and price. With no CDL requirement to operate, it provides flexibility to your team. Its small build provides agility without losing capacity or performance. An alternative gas-powered Arapahoe version is also being considered for launch, offering even more payload material capacity on the same GVW chassis.

This is just the first step, is there something that is missing that you want? You can easily choose from a list of pre-engineered options that can be added to each ValuLiner model to take it to the next level.   While you will add a little bit more build time, you will get a dependable semi-customized piece of equipment to fit specific needs of your business. The Arapahoe was pre-engineered to allow the addition of a black tank taking this truck from a two-color to a three-color. This option was developed in response to the evolution of the industry as it begins to focus more on line clarity and contrast.

valuliner truck

EZ Liner Introduces the All New ValuLiner

The all new ValuLiner from EZ Liner is the most truck you can buy for your money. Period. It has been designed as an entry level truck striper but the standard equipment it contains are all EZ Liner. It has an aluminum deck with two outriggers one left and one right. It has 2 Graco paint and bead guns on the left and 1 Graco paint and bead gun on the right. It has a 110 gallon supply of paint in the form of 2 -55 gallon paint drums and 750 # of beads. The truly amazing thing about the ValuLiner is the value. When it comes down to cost of ownership the ValuLiner stands alone. There is nothing on the striper market today that can compete.

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