EZ Liner Company History

The Vogel family began making paint in 1926, when Andrew Vogel, a Dutch immigrant, mixed coatings in his garage. Originally Andrew made a white house paint and a red barn paint, but as the State of Iowa began painting roadways in the 1930’s and 40’s, Andrew expanded to include traffic paint as well.

Andrew’s son, John Vogel, worked with the highway paints and soon branched into highway painting in response to demand. Around 1960 John and his crews started building their own marking equipment because no machines could be found to mark highways effectively. Thus, in 1965, the EZ Liner brand was born. John Vogel and his crews painted roads in the summer, and built and sold EZ Liner stripers during the off-season. By the late 1970’s, manufacturing stripers was a full-time business, with hundreds of walk-behind and larger models produced and sold each year.

During the 1990’s, the Vogel crews wanted an intermediate striper to increase efficiency for smaller jobs. In response, EZ Liner developed the first airless pickup striper. Soon after came the palletized stencil unit, developed for the Minnesota DOT.

The 1990’s also brought a revolution in the highway marking industry with the transition to latex paints. EZ Liner contributed through the innovation and development of water base compatible equipment. Stainless steel and plated components were tested under a variety of conditions, including harsh field tests, and only the very best were incorporated into EZ Liner equipment.

Today, EZ Liner works closely with the other divisions of Vogel Traffic Services, Inc. and Vogel Paint, Inc. As a result, EZ Liner continues to be an industry leader providing information and expertise in traffic paint technology, equipment operation and maintenance, and application techniques.

Following in the footsteps of Andrew Vogel, EZ Liner strives to uphold a long tradition of quality, from its high quality products to its commitment to service and dedication to our customers.