RoadPrintz - Electra

Electra is engineered with a focus on precision, efficiency, and safety. It is built with an industrial-grade IP67-rated robot arm mounted on a Ford F-550 Super-Duty chassis.

Electra accurately and precisely paints a wide range of symbols including standard intersections, turn pockets, crosswalks, stop bars, arrows, and "ONLY" markings. This system is especially adept at creating bike-related markings such as bike lanes, bike boxes, and sharrows, as well as handicap parking symbols, custom words, and adjustable "SCHOOL" legends.

One of the standout features of Electra is its stencil-free legend painting and transverse marking capability. This innovative approach keeps our road crews safe by allowing them to operate entirely from within the vehicle, significantly reducing the risk associated with traditional pavement marking methods.

Electra is designed to make road marking tasks lighter and safer, enhancing the efficiency of your operations without compromising on quality or safety.


We're inviting companies to sign up for a demonstration of our innovative robotic stencil unit, "Electra." Experience how Electra can transform your pavement marking process with its advanced precision and efficiency. This is a great chance to see cutting-edge technology in action!

Interested in checking it out? Sign up today and be part of the future of pavement marking. Register here. For more information on Electra & RoadPrintz, visit their website at

electra painting a bus lane